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Why we love Bonfire Night

November 2, 2010

Kath Kidston floral wellingtonsBonfire Night is a great time for ladies with bumps to go out and celebrate.  As long as you’re having fun, your little one will be too.

For once there’s an occasion that doesn’t demand heels, and you can put on your big wooly socks and wellies and feel fabulously comfy. Our favorites are Cath Kidston’s gorgeous floral pair that we found on ASOS for a bargain at £20.  If standing is still too much  for you, then why not take a note of one canny lady we spotted last year who brought a deckchair to relax her tired feet while enjoying the festivities.

We also love the fact that there’s a celebration which isn’t completely dependent on alcohol, so there’s no more polite refusals as you enviously watch other people take their complimentary champagne.  Instead, luxuriate in the knowledge that everyone is standing around watching the fireworks with steaming thermoses of hot chocolate. Or, if you’re feeling particularly culinary, how about making soup from those left over pumpkins! There’s a great recipe from the BBC’s Good Food range that we can’t recommend enough.

So go on and enjoy yourself –  put on some sparkle, wrap up warm and enjoy the evening’s entertainments.

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