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Wear your Poppy with Pride

November 11, 2010

Poppy FieldIt’s Remembrance Day, so all of us here at Amoralia are wearing our poppies.  No they’re not the gold plated ones which fetched £175 last week off  Ebay, but our own small token of thanks to the soldiers, past and present, who have served our country.

With more than one thousand British troops wounded in action in Afghanistan since 2006, the Poppy Appeal, organised by the Royal British Legion, has primarily directed their efforts this year towards the Afghan soldiers and their dependants. Through a number of schemes, including the auctioning of Ranmere Rovers signed poppy shirts to the everyday one pinned to your coat, they aim to raise £36 million in order to provide the emotional, financial and social support the troops need.

Such appeals really put everyday life into perspective – a drama in the office really appears to be nothing once you realise what the young men and woman have lost in fighting for their country.  A huge part of the Poppy Appeal proceeds therefore goes towards protecting their welfare.  Through offering Care Homes and Welfare Break Centres, those who have been in the armed service are ensured both short and long term care.  Such care homes really do make a difference, offering help ranging from disability rehabilitation to nursing and dementia care for older veterans.

So whether you are donning a poppy, taking part in the two minute silence or going to a commemoration ceremony, remember to think of the individuals and donate to their cause.

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