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Do you know what SANDs do?

June 8, 2010

We were contacted this week by  a lovely lady called Michelle. In March this year her baby, Isabella, was stillborn. She’s since been receiving support from SANDs a national charity that does invaluable work to support families that have suffered such terrible losses. Michelle is now trying to give something back so they can keep up the brilliant work. She’s raising money by doing walks and raffles and we wanted to help out. We’ve donated two sets of our award winning Nougatine bra and knickers as raffle prises as we think it’s such an important cause and Michelle is doing a wonderful thing.

SANDs support families as well as pushing for better research. Unbelievably, 17 babies die EACH DAY in the UK, and 50% of the time it isn’t even known why. That’s where SANDS come in. They’re pushing for better antenatal care so problems can be picked up sooner, and for more research into the causes behind them. We hope we’ve done our little bit. Michelle has done brilliantly so far, but this charity still needs your help.

You can support SANDS too by donating on Michelle’s page And if you want to read more about what they do, visit their website.

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