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Pretty maternity wear from a fab new French brand

February 12, 2010

We’re back from CPD – phew, that was an epic journey. 11 hours in the driving snow through Germany, Holland, Belgium, France… and back to 4 inches of snow in Kent. Luckily customs didn’t stop us this time – they saw the 3 pregnant mannequins in the car and figured we were probably not smuggling anything naughty!

We had a really good show – lots of new visitors and catching up with existing customers – and we also got to gossip with our friends in the industry. Our stand was opposite Pomkin’s; a fab French brand that does beautiful maternity wear, made in France. It’s the kind of fashion I’d definitely wear if I were pregant; classic with a twist. Beautiful fabrics,  sexy knitwear (seriously!), practical nursing pieces and cute dresses. Take a look at their site – they’re also offering some end-of-season discounts.

Pomkin maternity wear

cute maternity shorts and tunic top from Pomkin

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