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We’re celebrating with Bigjigs toys

January 17, 2013

Jules is back from Maternity Leave! So we are celebrating with a Bigjiys Toys giveaway…

WIN Bigjigs toys with AmoraliaWith Baby Sacha recently celebrating his first birthday, Amoralia‘s founder Jules has been looking at new toys, what SHOULD he be playing with at 12 months, and how can these toys provide the foundation for the development of his future learning and still be fun! (and giving Mummy Jules time to get dressed in peace!)

With Bigjigs Toys all over the press this month, following a really fun exchange of letters with the Department of Transport (see image left, to read more on this click here ) we asked George Poole if he could recommend some suitable toys for Baby Sacha for 12-18 months; read on for George’s recommendations!Amoralia Bigjigs letter

George WRITES:

A first birthday is such a milestone! Congratulations baby Sacha!
Many babies learn to walk around 12-14 months, so I’m sure he is getting more mobile, and finding ways to communicate with adults, by mimicking his parents and even perhaps using limited sign language? Exciting times!

Research has shown how these first few years of their lives are so important so do take advantage of his eagerness to learn; watch how he plays, thinks, and problem-solves, as his little brain develops – playing with your children stimulates their curiousity and senses, and that interest in learning too.

Bigjigs toys have such a wide range of toys suitable for just this age, which will engage a one year old, and help them to learn – Your soon-to-be One Year Old will most definitely enjoy investigating shape sorters such as the Rolling Activity Centre; He’ll love the moving bead feature on the Farm Pullalong, encouraging his delicate finger movement, as he learns how one bead must be moved for the rest to follow on. Also, the classic Alphabet Brick for building, knocking down, again and again!

For a chance to WIN a Bigjigs Toys Rolling Activity Centre and a Sort-Shaper, visit our competition page by clicking here.

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