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Getting a good night’s sleep

November 15, 2012

This week’s guest post, How to get a good night’s sleep, by Kate Bedding, parenting consultant for the NCT Bednest (and enter our prize draw for this fab prize! scroll down to enter)

Just how can you ensure you get a good night’s sleep? If you’ve just given birth in the last few weeks you’ll know that this is a question that many new parents are desperate to find an answer to – and not just for mother and baby. The whole family can be kept awake at night during a particularly vocal bout of crying.

A regular routine, comfortable surroundings and the ability to be able to respond quickly before little sniffles turn into a full-blown wail all help. But importantly it’s creating an environment for your baby that allows them to feel safe and secure enough to sleep.

Research by the Infant Mental Health Journal highlights that an early physical relationship between mothers and infants is extremely beneficial for the baby’s wellbeing and development, whilst UNICEF recognises that safe bed-sharing, or co-sleeping can assist in creating that strong bond and promoting longer sleep. However, the associated safety concerns, recently further fuelled by the tragic deaths of babies who have shared a bed with their parents, are also enough to put off many parents trying this sleep arrangement.

Health professionals agree that the safest place for babies to sleep is in a bedside crib. The Department of Health and the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) state that “to keep your baby safe and healthy, the safest place for your baby to sleep – night and day – is in a crib or cot in a room with you for the first six months”.

The NCT Bednest is an innovative solution to the sleeping arrangement dilemma. As an award-winning bedside crib that attaches securely to the side of the parents’ bed, it not only helps mums to sleep close but safely alongside their baby, but also helps those mums recovering from a caesarean or those choosing to breastfeed.

Celebrity fan Jools Oliver, who used the Bednest with her youngest Buddy, even said: “I could practically roll little Buddy from my boob to bed!”

By being so close to your baby and being able to respond quickly to their needs means that babies, parents, and the whole family, get more sleep. In fact more than 90 per cent of those who have used the Bednest, claim it has helped them and their baby get more sleep.

Professor Helen Ball, of Durham University’s Parent-Infant Sleep Lab, explains: “Our research has found that when babies sleep next to their mothers in a bed-side crib, with no barrier in between them, they are able to easily attract their mother’s attention without crying. Mothers are aware of their babies’ arousals and feeding cues more quickly than when they sleep in a separate cot, even in the same room. This makes night-time breastfeeding easier for the mother, while minimising sleep disruption.”

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The NCT Bednest baby crib provides all the benefits of co-sleeping but without any of the perceived risks, allowing you to breastfeed, soothe and bond more easily with your baby without having to share a bed. It’s also a huge help if you’re recovering from a caesarian and your mobility is reduced as there’s no need to get up to breastfeed or comfort.

Its patented design, for babies up to six-months-old, means it can be securely attached to the parents’ bed, with the fold-down side panel creating a safe bridge joining the baby’s sleeping space to that of the parents. Health professionals agree that the safest place for a baby to sleep is in a crib right next to their parents’ bed, so the NCT Bednest provides real peace of mind and a good night’s sleep for all the family.

The NCT Bednest costs £299 and is available, along with lots of additional information on its benefits and how it works, at and from the NCT Shop at or on 08458 100 100.

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