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Baby Wren at six months old….

July 18, 2012

Wren at six months old…
You may remember  Wendy Butler from Une Beauty-Bourjois?
She kindly shared her birth story with Amoralia six months ago. So what’s happened since then?

Wendy writes: We’ve finished our baby massage course, which Wren and I both really enjoyed. And every week we do Aquatots, and baby-signing too. Wren seems to enjoy all these activities and has now mastered a small underwater swim without getting too upset. We will start swimming on a weekend soon instead of midweek as it means Mr B can take her and it will be a lovely bonding time for them both.

Jane Smith from says: All our babies are born with the natural ability to swim and are perfectly adapted to immersion in water. It’s a great family activity providing lots of fun. It’s also beneficial for the child’s development, building water confidence, and is also a great place to meet other parents.

Wendy continues: At the beginning of May I had a hen do in Marbella so Wren came with! Possibly the youngest hen attendee in history? We figured it meant I could still enjoy the hen antics but also spend time with Wren too. Luckily Mr B jumped at the chance to come away for the long weekend, so while I was off drinking cocktails, soaking up the sun and misbehaving, they had quality time together (and probably misbehaving too).

Travelling to Marbella was good practise for our holiday to Lucca, Italy this month, and we’ve now mastered the art of travelling with a baby. You do need a lot of hands but with everything these days it’s important to be super organised. I’m lucky Wren is one chilled out baby, so flying has been stress free, and I doubt other travellers would have even known she was even there. Before Wren, I was guilty of looking at families getting on planes with babies and praying they wouldn’t be sat near me. I’m sure people would think that about us now, but on both occasions she was as good as gold. (Phew)

We’re off to Amsterdam to see friends in a few weeks and I hope Wren is as good as the previous journeys. I’ve probably tempted fate so fingers crossed she doesn’t turn all diva on us.
Having Wren has meant a massive change in our lives but she has enhanced it for the better. It hasn’t stopped us from doing a lot of the things we previously did, and the added bonus is she sleeps through the night and has done since she was 13 weeks – hurrah!

So now we are getting ready for the London Olympics, a monumental event in any child’s life…We’re no longer sleep deprived and my baby brain is slowly disappearing, although Mr B may disagree.

At six months, Wren is already in a ‘medium’ in her soft leather shoes… she has her favourite Daisy Roots shoes, which Amoralia love too… so much so, we’d like to give you the chance to win a pair! Click here to find out how to enter…

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