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Did you enjoy your NCT classes?

November 23, 2011

We just finished our NCT antenatal course last Saturday, and the Bean-maker and I were both really impressed at how good it was.  We thought it might be a bit ‘knit your own placenta’ (our teacher’s own words!) but it was informative, non-judgmental, practical, funny and really useful. And of course we met some really lovely people too (initally the point of the whole thing) who no doubt will be a lifeline in those first few months, and hopefully beyond. I’ve heard that the teaching style can vary from region to region – you might be lucky or less so – but Dulwich/Nunhead gets a BIG thumbs up.

So do support the NCT (their shop offers some great discounts – even on our collections!), as it all goes to providing an amazing network of teachers, support, classes and helps fund research too.

Were you lucky with your group? Tell all!

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