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What books have you found useful during your pregnancy?

September 30, 2011

All my new-Mum friends recommended What to Expect when you’re Expecting – a weighty tome that covers all the developmental stages, emotional ups and downs, and the questions you want to ask, but don’t think it’s worth bothering your midwife with.

For a bit of light relief (there’s only so much a girl can read about colostrum), I really enjoyed Mel Giedroyc’s From Here to Maternity – warm, honest and properly laugh-out-loud funny.

useful books to read during your pregnancyOn the more academic side – how to deal with the little blighter when it makes its entry into the world – it’s definitely worth ready Oliver James’ How not to F*** them up. He looks at three broad mothering styles; the Organiser, the Hugger, and the Flexi-Mum, and (gently) outlines the pros and cons of each style. As a natural Organiser, it definitely made for some uncomfortable reading, but the research is thorough, the tone non-judgemental, and personally I like knowing all sides of the argument, even if you end up disagreeing with them. Plus, I’m such a HUGE fan of his previous book Affluenza (read it, now! I’ll lend you my copy!) that I respect pretty much all his work.

Fancy winning a copy of Anne Enright’s Making Babies? Send us details of the books, magazines or websites that you found most useful to by Fri 7th october and we’ll pick 3 winners out at random. Please remember to include your postal address!

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  1. November 13, 2011 3:25 pm

    The best book by far is the contented little baby book by Gina Ford…if only for the breastfeeding routines x

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