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After 6 years, I finally get to wear my own bras!

September 19, 2011

Yep, I’m officially 24 weeks pregnant.  I’ve always believed that running this business without first hand experience of pregnancy has been a real advantage, because I’ve never relied on my own preferences; instead seeking out lots of opinions and different points of view to create a collection that appeals to a broad customer base.

But I finally get to try out all our styles and put them through their paces! And quelle surprise, my favourite so far is our Second Skin maternity bra. Having gone up 2 cup sizes already (dear God, at last!), I really needed something soft and breathable that would show off my new bosoms… Personally I love the foam pads, as I’ve always worn padded T-shirt bras, but a couple of my other pregnant friends prefer not to add extra bulk as they’re already quite busty ladies.

Unfortunately, the companion to big bosoms and constant nausea is a HUGE arse (mainlining Doritos to try and get rid of the lovely rancid butter/battery acid combo). Second Skin shorts are also my saviours, as they don’t dig in, they’re generously sized so I can still pretend I’m a size S, and they stretch and stretch. And stretch.

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