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Baby Showers

January 14, 2011

Baby ShowersThe celebrity mummy to be, Natalie Portman, has caused a fair bit of controversy the last few days saying she won’t even think about painting the walls of the nursery until the baby is born, let alone have  a baby shower.

But is her refusal to have a baby showers just a superstition or did they really go out of fashion many years ago?

Often, women in the past felt to embarrassed by the whole event, especially when they received expensive gifts from friends and family less fortunate than themselves.

However, over recent years, the baby shower has slowly crept back into fashion.   It not only is a time to celebrate, but it provides the ideal opportunity to meet with friends and even family, as too often its all too difficult to coordinate diaries with loved ones.

So we say go ahead and enjoy the day as it really is an occasion to celebrate you and your bump.  Nappy bags, baby moisturisers, bibs and bottles all make perfect little gifts for the little one and need not be expensive. But, we can’t resist letting  you know  that our nursing bras with their cotton lining and lace over lay make the perfect practical yet pretty present for the mummy to be!

If you’ve had a Baby Shower, or are holding one, we’d love to hear how it went,  so drop us a post below!

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  1. January 26, 2011 11:27 pm

    great article, speaking of bras. Her husband might to learn a harry houdini trick taking off his wife bra without her knowing it. to add some humour in there life.

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