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Fed up with your new mum tum?

October 19, 2010
Amoralia Nougatine Nursing Cami

Nougatine Nursing Cami

We’re used to seeing new celebrity mums back on the telly within weeks of giving birth looking more svelte than ever (Dannii Minogue, Denise Van Outen and Samantha Cameron to name a few).  However, unlike us mere mortals, they have some serious personal shoppers and the benefit of great lighting.

But until you’re the next X-factor judge, have a look at our must-haves for disguising those bits that still need a bit of work.  There are plenty of ideas out there to help you feel a little bit more confident in the meantime.  After all it’s taken nine months to gain that blooming  bump so it may take a little while to disappear.  If your not quite back to your pre-baby figure yet, read on.

We love Isabella Oliver’s gorgeous nursing top which will look as good with jeans as it will dressed up for an evening out with hubby!  It’s available online for £69 in UK sizes 4-20.

Make the most of the deep V by pairing it with our plunging Second Skin nursing bra.  It’s super supportive, silky soft and comes with removable foam cups for that perfect t-shirt bra shape.

When you want to turn heads at your Christmas party, get your hands on this cute little red number form Mama-La-Mode.  The elegant empire line drapes beautifully – very flattering on a new mum tum.   To get a more shapely silhouette try our brand new Nougatine midnight blue shape-wear nursing cami.

If you’re still not happy with your new mum-tum, these are our favourite sites written by people who have some top tips on how to help lose those pounds safely!

This article is written by the National Institute for Health and Clincal Excellence (NICE) as part of the NHS’ public health program. What’s great about them is that it provides welcome relief for confused mummies,  clarifying all that conflicting advice on the internet.

The NCT offers local support to new parents.  They organise events such as antenatal weekends – girlfriends have told me they’re great fun.  After realising that one of the recurring themes of discussion at these weekends is weight management during and after pregnancy their website is teeming  with advice on losing those post baby pounds from parents who have gone through it themselves.

And don’t forget ladies, if all else fails, shoes, handbags and jewellery will never let you down.

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