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Embrace the world of the internet forum

September 9, 2010

I have spent many hours reading the digital rants of frustrated parents on website forums. I call it research. After all, how can we know what our customers want if we don’t know what makes them tick…
Every now and then I come across a forum topic that makes my eyes water. It’s amazing what women will discuss under the blissful anonymity of an internet forum. One woman talks of her pregnancy craving to lick lime green cars – apparently an urge that still persists post baby. Another, to eat bath sponges – even after hubby’s used it to wash his armpits!? I’ll cross my fingers that my current chocolate addiction doesn’t morph through pregnancy into an urge to chew mud flaps.

It’s interesting to see how many women feel let down by their health professionals. Some feel they are lacking adequate support, others, that they’re not getting the answers to their questions. So it’s great they can turn to forums where other parents offer their wisdom and support. I think there is sometimes a tendency for new mums to worry excessively over small concerns, so it’s great there’s easily accessible information on the net. While the anonymity of a forum can reveal the weird and wonderful, it opens up a gateway for taboo topics to be discussed freely. So embrace the world of online chat rooms. Here are some of our favourites:

Happy browsing!

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