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How cool is Denise Van Outen?

April 16, 2010

We’re super impressed with Denise Van Outen’s outfit – she’s rockin’ all the trends  just 4 weeks before her baby girl is due! We’d be slobbing about in grubby tracky bottoms and orthopedic shoes, mainlining Ben & Jerrys. But she’s managing to combine slinky nautical stripes, statement jewelry, a transition parka AND lace tights (I mean wow, right?). Wonder what undies she’s wearing…

Find a similar dress at TopShop, a parka at Zara (a couple of nice styles in navy and olive spotted on my last lunchtime browse), lace tights at TightsPlease (roll the top under your bump) or if you’re not so brave, some 70 deniers at Mama-la-Mode. The high-street is full of All-Saints style boots (but we think it’s nicer to get the originals – we don’t like rip-offs!)

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