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So much choice, so little time?

August 23, 2007

I think that our customers are savvy, well-informed and discerning women who make considered purchases (aren’t we all??).  But when it comes to new baby gear, there is SO much choice, so many ‘authoritative’ sites offering conflicting views, and friends and family, whilst a brilliant source of support and advice, only rely on their own experience. It seems that the clever, time and cost-effective solution is to let someone else guide you through it.

So when we heard about BabyConcierge, we knew that our London mums-to-be would love it.. It’s a totally impartial shopping service, where a consultant will work through a comprehensive list of items you may need and pick out what’s relevant to you, from prams and car seats, to baby carriers, feeding equipment, nursery furniture, bedding, bathing and changing accessories, layette and more.

Has anyone used this or a similar service? Any thoughts?

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